Why join Kopla?

Kopla is adventurous and ambitious mobile games studio. It means we are daring and never settling for the status quo. We want to reach hundreds of millions of people by introducing action RPGs to everyone.

You’ll be working with passionate and talented peers, who are self-driven go-getters but also good team players, it is a team effort after all! We also expect you to be self-reflective and analytical.

In return we offer you lots of responsibility and challenges that will grow you as a professional. We want to build the best workplace for all of us and want you to help evolving it. Working remotely is possible and actually encouraged but we still expect you to be able to visit our office in Tampere weekly.

Kopla is part of the flaregames family but we still operate independently. This means we can focus on building world-class game development teams and flaregames brings their support and expertise as a publisher. 


We want you!

What Kopla is about?

These are our company values which we use to guide ourselves forward on the road to introducing action RPGs to everyone. Do they resonate with you?

We consider ourselves kids at heart, and want that to show in our games. We are constantly testing and trying new things to find out what makes things “fun”, and if something doesn’t feel like fun, it’s not getting in the game. We are also constantly driving for change, and not being afraid of trying new things in all aspects of game development.

We set our sights high, and drive for making the best games we have not played yet. We challenge ourselves and test our ideas with our peers, and as early as possible. We are all passionate about games and gaming, and want to create something that not only ourselves enjoy, but the world enjoys with us. Getting to the top is not easy, and many say that it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of luck. We brute force luck by constantly iterating and getting better, and having fun while doing so!

Trust & Honesty
At Kopla, we need to trust each other to be able to give honest feedback of our work, and to be able to self-reflect and constantly improve. We put a lot of effort in to building the greatest, the most creative working environment for our workers, which allows everybody to be safely as open as they can.

Kopla offers you

  • Full-time position in a stable company
  • An important role part of a self-organising team
  • Flexible working hours and possibility to work remotely weekly
  • Competitive salary with stock options
  • Neat office in the city centre of Tampere
  • Choose your phone and computer 
  • Coffee and snacks
  • Finnish welfare and healthcare benefits
  • Help with relocation
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Freezer full of ice cream and weekly board game nights!

Open positions

We are looking for an experienced game designer who lives and breathes free-to-play but also understands what makes games fun and emotional experiences.

* Play a key role within a small team working to introduce action RPGs to everyone
* Inspire the creative efforts from the people around you and lead the creative vision of your team
* Work and be responsible for all aspects of game design of your team, ranging from second-to-second gameplay to free-to-play systems and economy.

Must-have requirements
* Passion and hunger to create your best work yet
* Self-driven attitude, willingness to take ownership and ability to work as part of a team
* You understand what makes games fun and emotional experiences and have the tools to craft them
* Experience working with multiple titles demonstrated in a portfolio
* Understanding of KPIs and how to affect them
* Rich with ideas and know-how to communicate them
* Fluent in English and willing to relocate to Finland

* UI / UX know-how

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